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What readers say

I’m definitely going to be reading your book over and over because as well as the history behind it there are the constant stories of mischief and humour.

G.P. Healesville, Vic.
A Saucepan in the Sky

This is the first time in my long life that I have felt IMPELLED to convey to a writer my opinion of his/her work. I began reading A Saucepan in the Sky at 6 am and finished it at 11.30 am. Couldn’t put it down. Haven’t been able to do anything else since then except think about it and read extracts to my husband over tea and lunch breaks.

J.W. Tumbarumba, NSW.
A Saucepan in the Sky

I really liked the subtext as well as the story.

K.S. Annandale, NSW

I really did enjoy it and – the mark of a good book – I definitely did not want it to end.

D.R. Melbourne.
A Saucepan in the Sky

Wanderlust talks about things that people think but do not say.

M.B. Coogee, NSW

Many of us have memories of our own innocence abroad.

E.B. Roseville, NSW

Simple experiences imbued with charm… dilemmas presented clearly in a way that should strike chords of recognition…this is worth reading.

Canberra Times
A Saucepan in the Sky

A wonderful story beautifully told.

D. B. Campbelltown, NSW.
A Saucepan in the Sky

I enjoyed A Saucepan in the Sky immensely – it stirred filed-away memories and refreshed the affection held for early relationships.

M. H. Tathra, NSW.
A Saucepan in the Sky

An utterly readable account of a memorable ‘ordinary’ environment. Uncle Vic is a ‘funny bugger’ with a Conradian outlook. ‘Uncle’ Stan is wonderfully disreputable. A charming book…as tender a maternal portrait as you will ever read.

Australian Book Review
A Saucepan in the Sky

A classic. A lovely book.

A.M. Canberra.
A Saucepan in the Sky

So much of it seemed very familiar to my own struggles and wow moments.

A. A. Devon, UK.
A Saucepan in the Sky
A Saucepan in the Sky
A Suitcase in the Desert